Before you jump into building your own website there are a few things to consider.

It's fairly easy to just grab a Squarespace or Wix account and get started. We have seen a lot of websites built that way that just don't work. Yes you can get your business online, but that doesn't mean your website works.
That doesn't mean your website will bring results.

Bringing results requires a bit more than just getting your site online.
Let's take a quick look at a few things before you dive in.

There are factors such as getting your site found online. That's not quite as easy as you might expect. It's called SEO. Spend some time learning about that before you start. SEO and design are the two issues that we typically see cause a website to "fail". Yes you can get online without them, but you can't bring results without both. The focus of this article is design.

Why is Good Website Design Important?

The basic concept is:
When people do an online search for a service, they will draw conclusions about whether to use that service, based on what they find online.

That seems pretty easy to understand right?

You go to Google, search for a service you need. Then decide which of the providers you want to use. Or product you want to purchase. Your decision is based on what you see.

Now, keep in mind You chose your plumber or mechanic because someone else recommended them, not because of their poorly designed websites. So when you go to their website to get the phone number to call them, you make that call in spite of the design. But that's not what we are exploring today.

We are going to talk about people that find you through searches, not from referrals. And we build websites to work for both events, those just looking for your contact info because they have already decided to use you. But we target people that don't know you and are looking for your service.

When people do an online search for a service, they will draw conclusions about whether to use that service, based on what they find online.

Creating Your Business Website - Something to Consider

When people find your business online, many of the conclusions they make about your business will be affected by the subconscious reaction they have when viewing your website. This isn't magic You have seen this before, whenever you visit a poorly designed website you feel discouraged from using their services. Yes this can be overcome, but if you contact the business it will be in spite of the bad website.

That unconscious reaction has biased our opinion of the entire business.

That happens to us all. If you have ever seen a business website online and then gone to the business in person and found a completely different experience that what was portrayed online, you know the problem.

Let's say you are looking for a landscape designer.
Would you be more likely to contact this company:
or one of these:

Viewing that first website tells you a lot of things about the company. A lot of things which may or may not be true, but it communicates a lot of things. But when deciding whether to contact this company all we have to go on is that website.

Take a look at that first website again.

Notice how you felt when you looked at that first site. You had to overcome your initial reaction if you wanted to pursue the idea of using their service. Especially if you looked at more than one website. There is an uphill decision-making process you would need to take. You would need to consciously decide to overlook the issues you saw on the website.

That site points out the most important element in website design, the subconscious impression it gives.

Let me explain a bit more about that.
When you looked at that website you probably weren't consciously aware of:

  • the poor use of colors,
  • the inconsistent margins,
  • the mixed font and font sizes,
  • the difficulty in reading the content,
  • the misalignment of the elements,
  • the poor quality of the overall layout.

Unless you are pretty good with design you wouldn't recognize WHAT is wrong, only that that SOMETHING is wrong. And that "feeling" that something is wrong is what biases our opinion of the entire company.

It's that "feeling" that makes website design so important.

At the very least our first reaction was "I am not impressed". Then if we continued looking through their website we would have to think "well, I'll check them out anyway." So it really is an uphill decision if we decide to contact them.

Keep in mind this is all we know about this company, all we have to draw some conclusions on this company is what we see there.

Creating Your Business Website - Time and Budget

Of course, when building a website all of this has to be balanced with your budget or the time you have to dedicate to the build. Quite often a budget, or time, won't allow all the final adjustments. However, to bring results, your website must have a great design.

Creating Your Business Website - How We Can Help

That is why Pritchard Web Services is so serious about website creation. We work to create the very best impression for all the companies we work for because we understand the message it conveys if the details aren't perfect. Our prices are very reasonable and we can also put the finishing touches on a website you have built yourself.

About Us

In the last 20 years we have seen incredible changes in the internet world. It didn't take long to discover that when you build a website it's only the start of making an organization successful online. Which is really what we Love to do, help businesses be more successful. Our team enjoys keeping up with the changes and challenges.

We provide lots of services:

  • Google Map listings,
  • Yelp page set ups,
  • Facebook page setups,
  • Facebok campaigns,
  • Social media marketing,
  • Google ad campaigns,
  • media streaming consults,
  • Phone apps,
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  • graphic design,
  • content writing,
  • SEO Search ranking work,
  • Website hosting and domain names,
  • website maintenance and hack repairs.

We work on: Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Wordpress, Joomla and various other website builders.

The most fun we have is working on custom coded sites. Because we know code so well we can fix things that a lot of website companies can't.

Contact us for help or advice on reaching more people online. Because that is what we do.

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