Recently we have created websites and helped with online marketing for several business owners in Grover Beach! It has been a lot of fun to work with so many businesses from a variety of industries. For us, helping small businesses compete against large, national companies is very rewarding.

As we build each website design we also keep in mind the best way for each business to market online. We use best practices to insure each website will achieve peak performance. However we also love utilizing all the other online opportunities to make our Grover Beach clients successful.

This includes reviewing and improving:

  • Google Map/Business listings
  • Yelp listings
  • Meta/Facebook pages
  • Online indexes
  • Checking reviews
  • Analyzing competitor rankings
  • Website design and content layout

This is a lot of fun because each of these recommendations can be implemented by Grover Beach business owners themselves at no cost. The combination of an excellent website design, excellent written content and correct use of the above list will provide remarkable results.

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I personally have 20 years experience in website design, social media marketing and online advertising. I can also do graphic design. But our team members bring even more experience to all aspects of website design and graphic design and marketing.

About Me

I got my first computer when Windows 3.1 was out in 92 or 93. In just a few weeks I had built my first website. A few years after that I had built a few other websites for people. All were coded websites. I learned how to code early and that would continue to be an enormous advantage over other website developers in that I could solve problems they couldn't.

I built my first commercial website for Merrel Fankhauser who also lives in Grover Beach.

I thought he was semi-famous because I had seen him on public TV. He came in to the office where I worked so I told the ladies at the front desk to tell him I would build a website for him in exchange for a few cds.

Turns out Merrell is actually world famous in the Surf Guitar world.

That site is still live. I tried to talk him into a new website a few times but he isn't going for it. So don't go an look at it because it was built over 21 years ago when computer monitors were a lot smaller.

From 2003 on I have building websites full time, except for a year or two when I also worked in a warehouse for some friends of mine. During that time I worked both jobs. I lost track of how many website I built a long time ago and I have had the privilege of working for many amazing people.

Online Marketing Successes

My favorite story is when the owners actually did what I suggested. So many times I do consultations with business owners who don't/won't go on to implement changes that will bring great results. Usually those changes are inexpensive. I have the tools to make any business much more successful, but most people don't want to follow through.

My favorite success story involves a combination of website work, search ranking work and developing a dynamic online marketing plan. This resulted in a small business increasing its reach well into neighboring cities. Increased business not only drove up revenue but it also increased the sales value of the company. A fact the owner enjoyed when selling her business.

On the other hand, I recently had a conversation with a man that has a website/business to buy houses from people that need to sell fast. His website wasn't doing anything, there were a few important things wrong on his website, he hadn't done the things needed. I talked him through some things that would help him compete online. Not only did he not hire me I am pretty sure he won't do the things I recommended. That is fairly common and is a little frustrating because I absolutely know the things that will increase success online.

One of the most fun websites I have done is for Mason Wing Walking. That was several years ago, and the site hasn't been updated since then but the business is amazing. People come from all over the world to wing walk with him. Even Dude Perfect was recently at Mason Wing Walking!

Contact me if you need help with your online presence in Grover Beach. My team and I would love to help you! 951.970.6172 or

And check out this video from Mason Wing Walking.