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Pritchard Websites LLC, a web design agency, is led by Michael Pritchard and our team of amazingly talented developers. With over 60 years of combined digital experience, there’s hardly an issue that we haven’t seen — and solved! We specialize in all aspects of digital technology. And did we mention that we have the best service around? Quick, quality email and phone support is included 7 days a week at no extra charge.

Growing up in a small town Michael learned a lot about life, including things that still compel him today. He learned if you are going to compete against the big guys, in sports, scholastics or business you are going to have to be tougher, wiser and willing to do the work. In that same small town, Michael learned life can be rewarding, most people are good, and small businesses are the heart of this country.

Michael never lost his love of small businesses and today is proud to help business owners take on the challenges that await them online through not just web design but also through all areas of digital marketing.

Our team of web developers, graphic artists, content creators and social media marketers are ready to help you take on the big guys through guided programs that fit your budget.

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